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We have successfully assisted many Companies in the management of their legal affairs for over a quarter century. When creating a business there are a number issues to consider. For example:

Which entity is right for your business a Corporation, a Limited Liability Company or Partnership?

It is important to address the buy-out of a partner’s interest in the event of death, disability or withdrawal from the business. If this issue is not addressed you may suddenly find that you are partners with your deceased partner’s heirs.

Will the principals make decisions by majority consent or unanimous consent? What happens if decision making is deadlocked?

Business Services Provided in a Cost Efficient Manner

Over the years, we have been honored to create solid legal platforms upon which emerging and small businesses could conduct their operations. We provide legal services for small business and ongoing business operations in such areas as:

  • Starting a Business – Company formation: Incorporation, Limited Liability Companies (LLC), Partnerships
  • Purchase Agreements – Upon Death, Disability or Withdrawal of a Principal
  • Employment Contracts and Non Compete Agreements
  • Office Leases and Retail Space Leases
  • Business Sale – Stock or Asset Purchase Transactions
  • Commercial General Civil Litigation

At the Cantalupo Law Group, PA we successfully represent businesses from formation through maturity. Sensible solutions and quality results provided in a personal and cost efficient manner have been the foundation of our success for Over a quarter century. Contact a business lawyer at The Cantalupo Law Group, PA.

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At The Cantalupo Law Group, PA, our other practice areas include Real Estate Law and Estate Planning.